Discover the RNX NERO POWER™ technology – the ideal solution for those looking to elevate their water usage efficiency to new heights.


Improved Growth Rate


Shortener Grow Cycle


Water + Fertilizer Saving

The Process

RNX NERO POWER™ employs an innovative water regeneration process that enhances the quality of irrigation water, optimizing nutrient absorption and promoting healthier plant growth. Our technology ensures efficient water management, reducing waste, and contributing to a more sustainable future.

The Technology

RNX NERO POWER™ harnesses cutting-edge quantum technology and blends three natural phenomena to revitalize and enhance irrigation water quality.


The vortex organizes the clusters of water molecules and triggers piezoelectric reactions in minerals, creating free charges on mineral surfaces. This boosts water's nutrient dissolving and transport capabilities for plants. Research shows that hydromechanical vortex forces increase oxygen transfer rates from air to water, raising dissolved oxygen levels in the water.

Electromagnetic Frequencies

Electromagnetic frequencies align water molecules, enhancing the nutrient dissolving capacity and accessibility for plant growth. This coherence is linked to biological systems. Mineral-based electromagnetic frequencies refine water quality, promoting plant health and growth.


Water resonance phenomena amplify the response of water molecules to external excitations, such as electromagnetic frequencies produced by certain minerals, leading to the rearrangement of water clusters.

The Company

Euronix Sistemas, S.L. is a company that specializes in the development of natural and sustainable technologies for water and soil regeneration. The company's flagship product is RNX NERO POWER™, a device that uses natural technology to regenerate and energize water, improving its quality in a way that has a positive impact on plant growth and development. In addition, the company offers advanced solutions for soil and water bioremediation that complement the implementation of agroecological crops, integrating the use of symbiotic microorganisms to promote crop growth.

Euronix Sistemas, S.L. is committed to providing innovative and effective solutions that benefit a variety of industries, including breweries, agronomy, dental clinics, the SPA industry, and the medical cannabis industry.

The Quality

At the heart of our commitment to customers lies an unwavering dedication to quality. Our products proudly bear the CE mark, a testament to their compliance with European safety, health, and environmental standards. This CE certification instills confidence in our customers, knowing that they are investing in reliable and high-performing products. Rigorous testing and adherence to stringent guidelines set our offerings apart from the competition. In choosing our CE-approved products, customers can trust they are receiving excellence in design, function, and safety.

 The People

Our team at Euronix Sistemas, S.L. is made up of experts in various industrial processes involving liquids, particularly water. In aquaculture, our team includes a senior biochemist researcher, a technical consultant and mechanical engineer, an agronomist, and our CEO and co-founder. We also have experienced sales operatives who help bring our innovative solutions to clients across industries.

We are proud to have such a talented and diverse team, with each member bringing a unique set of skills and expertise to the table.

Orlando Procopio

Digital Transformation

Tomer Sayag

Medical Cannabis Consultant

Giuseppe Scozzaro

Sales Consultant

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