Boost Medicinal Plant & Fungi Growth

Maximize Your Harvest with RNX NERO POWER™

Discover the RNX NERO POWER™ pharma-line – the ultimate choice for maximizing growth, nutrient uptake, and harvest quality in medicinal plants and fungi.


Improved Growth Rate


Shortener Grow Cycle


Water + Fertilizer Saving


Dry Biomass

Our Scientific Study

The rapid growth of the medical cannabis industry highlights the need for sustainable and innovative irrigation solutions to optimize water use and minimize environmental impact. RNX NERO POWER​™ by Euronix Sistemas, S.L. is an ecological water regenerator that significantly improves the growth and quality of cannabis plants by reducing surface tension and increasing oxygen content in water. A recent study in Israel demonstrated astonishing results, showcasing the potential of RNX NERO POWER​™ to revolutionize medical cannabis greenhouse cultivation. Learn how incorporating this cutting-edge technology can lead to a greener and more efficient future for the industry.

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Supercharge Medicinal Mushroom Growth with RNX NERO POWER™

Unleash the potential of your medicinal mushrooms using RNX NERO POWER™ pharmaceutical line. Experience enhanced growth, nutrient absorption, and sustainability in your cultivation journey. Learn more about this game-changing solution!

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